Construction IT Services

Are you sick of dealing with IT that keeps failing at your construction business? You work in the construction industry and don't want anything to obstruct your work.

An IT support team that can permanently fix the IT systems in your construction business

No owner of a construction company wants to deal with a production plan that is delayed by malfunctioning IT equipment. Further delays, disgruntled customers, and lost money ensue from every hour wasted to fixing faulty IT assets.

Construction companies deserve to receive robust, secure IT assets that are tuned for maximum performance when they invest their hard-earned money in technology.

What Does Alaska Computer Support Provide to Construction Companies?

Construction company owners can outsource their IT support to a Managed IT Services provider through a partnership with Alaska Computer Support who has the expertise to fix broken technology issues permanently and to adapt the company's IT resources to the needs of the construction industry and to support their workflow.

The team of qualified specialists at Alaska Computer Support has extensive expertise of IT solutions for the construction sector. This knowledge has given us the ability to create an IT environment that is specific to each firm we work with.

Support for Industry - Specific Software Support - The leading construction software solutions, including Knowify, Spectrum, Honest Buildings, Vista, Crecon, Buildertrend, SKYSITE, RAKEN, CoConstruct, BIM 360, and Procore, may all be supported by Alaska Computer Support thanks to their knowledge in the field.

Always-On Technology - Downtime for a construction company is the death knell for progress on the job site. Alaska Computer Support performs proactive maintenance on our client's IT assets to guarantee that their systems are accessible whenever and wherever they are required.

Construction companies rely on their phones for more than just making calls. Secure communications are essential. Alaska Computer Support focuses on giving its clients quick, safe ways to communicate and work together on documents, spreadsheets, plans, etc.

Mobile Solutions - Regardless of location, optimized mobile solutions promote employee cooperation and productivity. We equip our construction clients with the necessary equipment so that their staff members can operate from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Alaska Computer Support Offers A Better Way.

We cut out the middleman with our trustworthy Managed IT Services technology support method. It is no longer necessary for businesses to wait for a repairman to arrive on-site to fix technology issues. The foundation of Alaska Computer Support Managed IT Services is providing our cherished customers with pro-active IT support, which keeps their IT systems operating safely and effectively. The whole range of IT support services are included in managed IT services, which are offered for a manageable monthly subscription fee.

Our top priority is ensuring that the IT systems of our clients are always completely functional. The cost of this service is reasonable and can be paid in monthly installments.

Here is a list of the services that can be included in a contract for managed IT services.

Is Alaska Computer Support's IT Support Reliable?

To finish their projects, construction companies rely largely on their technology. Some IT support companies assist construction companies' technology using a time plus materials model. Although this is a great way to fix computer, server, and software issues, it doesn't address the root cause of the problems or work to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Due to the high demand for these IT support teams, a lot of construction companies wait in line behind other customers while they watch their prime working hours—the day—evaporate, costing them valuable time from their production plan and a lot of money.

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