IT Services Co-Managed In Alaska

Our co-managed IT services in Alaska are intended to enhance your in-house technological capabilities, resulting in a unified, cogent solution that is better suited to meet your expanding needs.

What Are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services for Your Daily Operations?

Increase the benefits of having an internal person or team in charge of overseeing your technology.

Do you have a team or person in-house in charge of managing your technology? In that case, excellent!

It can be challenging to locate excellent technological resources.

However, co-managed IT services are the best option if you want to get the most out of your investment in internal technological resources.

Why co-managed services should be used?

Because the availability, time, and skill sets of an internal person or team are limited. Even if you have the most gifted individual or persons, their abilities will be constrained.

For companies in Alaska wishing to supplement their existing IT department, Alaska Computer Support offers co-managed IT services. Call us at 907-868-7300 if you want to know more.

In order to create a single, integrated solution that is better able to meet your expanding requirements, our co-managed IT services are intended to enhance your internal technological resources.

This is beneficial for anyone who wants to:

Maintain their internal department's strategic planning as its primary priority rather than routine duties like monitoring and maintenance.

develop and expand without adding personnel (and paying salaries, benefits, etc. to compensate them).

Keep the internal department's attention directed toward routine duties like monitoring and maintenance rather than long-term planning.

For a forthcoming project, they can access a greater variety of skill sets and knowledge to strengthen the skills of their current team.

Maintain their surroundings even when internal staff members are absent due to vacation, illness, or other leave.

What tasks can we eliminate for your internal technology department?

Anything that is slowing down your own technology department, is the quick reply.

Are they too busy to deal with cybersecurity and regulatory requirements?

Do they have any trouble using an application that you need to incorporate into your system?

Are they unable to offer assistance at all times, including after business hours?

Are they too occupied to perform basic repairs and patching?

Do they require assistance fielding calls from end users and resolving tickets?

We're prepared to assist.

We provide a number of services that can be utilized to supplement the availability and/or knowledge of your internal IT department, including:

Regular maintenance and 24-hour monitoring are required to keep systems operating properly.

Planning for business continuity and data backup will keep you prepared for a recovery.

24/7 onsite or remote support to help with queries and/or problems.

Cybersecurity measures to prevent network infection by hackers.

And a whole lot more.

Please let us know how we can support the success of your internal IT department. Co-managed IT services are what we offer in Anchorage. Now dial 907-868-7300.

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