Computer issues slowing you down?

We belive in tackeling issues at the roots. Solving computer problems and brewing a good cup of Joe are just a few of our many talents!

Why Choose Us?

Because Your Peace of Mind Matters!

Ever Felt Like Throwing Your Computer Out the Window?

We get it. When your trusty computer decides to have a little tantrum, it can be like trying to understand an alien language. Why won't it just work?

Getting to the Root of It!

Like a detective with a magnifying glass, we go beyond the surface. We believe in solving issues right from the roots so they don't sneak up on you again. It's like weeding a garden – you wouldn't just chop off the tops, would you?

coffee with love

And While We're At It...

Why not enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Joe? Life's too short for computer woes AND bad coffee.


We are located at 750 E. Fireweed ln Suite 100 here in Anchorage.

What's In It For You?

  1. More Time for You: Say goodbye to hours of frustrating DIY fixes. Leave it to us and go enjoy that sunset or that new TV show you've been eyeing!
  2. Save Your Moolah: A quick fix now can lead to bigger problems (and bills!) later. With our root cause approach, you’re setting yourself up for longer-lasting solutions.
  3. Stress-Be-Gone: Hand over your computer troubles and breathe easy. It's like handing over a knotted necklace to an expert detangler!
  4. Surprises! (The Good Kind): Every now and then, we sprinkle in a little extra for our beloved customers. Maybe it's an insider tech tip (in easy words, promise!) or perhaps an extra shot in your coffee.


We're not just a computer service. We're your friendly neighborhood techies with a knack for excellent coffee. From pesky pop-ups to stubborn shutdowns, we tackle it with flair and froth! So, when in doubt, remember: life's too short for computer glitches and lackluster lattes. Come to us, where solutions and sips go hand in hand.