Your Data is Important

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When you hear the word “data”, what goes through your mind? Naturally, most people think about their document and picture files. In a business environment, there is so much more data than you realize. 


Almost everything is stored digitally nowadays and needs to be protected just as hard copies do. Here are some examples of the types of data your business might have:

– Employee information such as their application/resume, social security number, and direct deposit information
– Customer data such as names, locations, services provided, payments received, and payment methods
– Proprietary documents about procedures specific to your business
– Records of payments received and payments made

Now, there are plenty of other types of data out there too, not just the ones listed above. For example, if your business specializes in designing new products then it could prove disastrous to lose that data or for it to fall into someone else’s hands.

Think about how much data your business actually has, and what would happen if all of it suddenly disappeared. How quickly would you be able to recover from an event like that?

You don’t just need to think about what happens if you lose all of your data. You need to consider how your customers and employees would feel if their data was obtained by an unauthorized 3rd party. By protecting your data, you are also protecting their privacy.

Events that can cause data loss or exposure are:

– Hardware malfunctions
– Data breach
– Theft
– Natural disaster

Make sure you keep your Disaster Recovery Plan up to date. Implement a good backup solution and keep a data backup off-site. These are the beginning steps to prepare you for the worst. 

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen. Take action now. 

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