You Should Have Backups in Multiple Locations

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Everyone knows that backing up your data is important. Something almost as equally important is making sure your data backup exists in multiple physical locations. 

Imagine this scenario: Your backup program stores the backup files on an external hard drive plugged into your computer. The hard drive gets stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster (along with your computer). 

The above scenario is pretty grim.

How could you avoid losing your data? The most common scenario involves multiple external hard drives and an off-site location to store the extras. If you don’t have a lot of data, you can also use a USB thumb drive or SD card. digital-storage-media-1443484_960_720

Let’s say you have 4 external hard drives. You would store 3 of them at the off-site location and keep 1 plugged into your computer. Each week, you would take one of the off-site external hard drives and swap it with the one you have plugged into your computer; week 1 have hard drive 1 plugged in, week 2 have hard drive 2 plugged in, etc. This would give you different versions of your backup data, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. It would give you a chance to recover data if you accidentally deleted a file, or if some files had become corrupted. 

Backing up your data to “the cloud” is another option. This takes the physical aspect out of your hands, and puts it in the hands of whichever cloud service you choose to use. Chances are they have their own backup solutions in place, so your data should remain safe even if something happens to one of their servers. 

If you value your data, you’ll make sure to keep a backup of your data in a different location. 

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