Why Passwords are Important

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Passwords are everywhere: on computers, websites, and even on phones. Passwords protect computers and accounts. The point of a password is to prevent unwanted access.


Most businesses have their systems setup so that each employee has their own username and password which allows them to log into any computer on that network. People who don’t have a username or password cannot access the system, and therefore, can’t access any of the data. It is important to have passwords for all user accounts at your business. Without usernames and passwords, people would be able to access data simply by having access to the computer.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for passwords:


– Change your password often
– Use characters, numbers, and capitals in your password
– Create a password longer than 8 characters
– Create a password you will remember


– Share the password with other people
– Write it down
– Use common words or phrases for the password

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