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Alaska Computer Support offers a variety of software as a service.

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Office 365™

Having the right tools can make all of the difference. Office 365 Plus gives you cloud-based access to all of the familiar Microsoft Office applications as a convenient subscription. Customize your needs according to user and take your business into the cloud!

Hosted Exchange™

Eliminate the hassles of in-house servers and manage your email system without the expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff. With Secure Hosted Exchange, you’ll enjoy unlimited storage with the best spam and malware protection in the business built right in!

CipherPost Pro™

Avoid compliance issues and send confidential data with confidence because it’s not just your privacy that you are protecting. CipherPost Pro gives you true point-to-point encryption with just one click, ensuring not only secure communications, but also the continued trust of your clients or customers.

Email Continuity™

Email has become such an important tool for all businesses. But regardless of the size of your shop, email outages caused by hardware failures, required system maintenance, or even natural disasters can be catastrophic to both your well-being and your bottom line. Protect your livelihood with Email Continuity Service. ECS will ensure that your employees can access their email instantly through Outlook Web App (OWA), regardless of why the outage occurred and how long it lasts.


Hackers like easy targets. Make sure your business doesn’t become one. Protect your employees, customers, and data with SecureSurf, which shields you from being compromised and allows your network to run efficiently.


Stay productive by moving spam and malware out of your way. With SecureTide, your inbox and your servers can be used to increase business productivity instead of constantly moving junk into your recycle bin. Experience email as it was meant to be!

Endpoint Protection

Using real-time cloud-predictive malware protection, Webroot SecureAnywhere® internet security software scans systems in seconds, has a tiny device footprint, provides offline protection, and doesn’t conflict with other security software.


Alaska Computer Support also offers backup solutions as a subscription.

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Powerful IT TOOLS
Powerful IT TOOLS
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