Software VPNs and Remote Desktop

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Working from home is becoming more and more common. Nowadays, there are multiple ways to access your work files from home. Here are a few:

What is a Software VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. “Software VPN” means there is a piece of software installed on your computer which creates a VPN between your computer and another location. Usually there is some sort of set up that has to be completed on the server at your business in order for the VPN software to function properly; it needs to know what it is creating a VPN with. 

When you are outside of your work network, VPN software connects your computer to your work network. You’ll have access to the same files that you would if your computer were in the office.

What is Remote Desktop?

Remote desktop is an application that gets configured on your computer inside of the office, and another computer outside of the office. This requires the use of two computers in total: your computer in the office, and your computer at home. The computer in the office would need to stay powered on.


There are programs you can use instead of enabling/setting up Remote Desktop. Some of the most common are Teamviewer and Logmein. These setups usually involve installing software on both computers in order to remotely access it. 

It is possible to set up a terminal server for your business. Users would then remote into the terminal server instead of their own computer in the office, meaning their computer wouldn’t need to be powered on in order for them to access shared network resources. 

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