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Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some are complex and require downtime, like when replacing a server. Others may be simple and easy, like installing and setting up a new printer. Usually, setting up a new printer doesn’t require any downtime for your business. However, replacing a server can cause a lot of downtime. Downtime can also be a large hidden cost. Sometimes it is best to do computer upgrades and some projects after-hours.

save money with AkCS

We work when it’s best for your business, without any additional costs for after-hours work. This means you won’t have to pay extra for having our technicians work odd hours!

Need help planning a project! We can do that too, along with offering hardware and software solutions. We can find the hardware or software you need for your project and give you a quote on how much it will cost your business.

If you’ve got some project work but are afraid of expensive costs and a lot of downtime, give us a call today! 907-868-7300

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