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Support Plans

Our plans are designed to provide a stable budget for the services required to effectively maintain and support existing systems. As such, once the plan begins, nearly all services that involve maintenance and support of the current systems and existing users are included depending on the level of service you have signed up for. In addition to monitoring, maintenance, and patching of all applicable systems, this includes user administration, help desk calls, and version upgrades/service packs associated with supported devices and applications. Unlimited on-site, phone, and remote support is available during normal business hours as agreed upon within your plan. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm AST excluding federal holidays.

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Subscriptions Only

This level of service is for the tools that keep you protected. Additional services are billed at our agreed upon rate.

Backup Assurance

Our skilled technical staff reviews your backup system on a daily basis during business hours. We let you know if there is a problem and we do what it takes to keep your backups running smoothly.

Unlimited Help Desk

Have direct access to the professional staff at Alaska Computer Support to answer all of your IT questions and help solve any of your IT problems. This plan provides unlimited help desk support via phone and remote access during business hours. On top of that, if we have to come to your business to fix something, you will get up to 15 minutes of free on-site support!

IT Pro Support

Does your company already have an on-site IT person? Is your IT support overwhelmed? This plan has all of the tools to make a single IT manager shine. Our complete staff is here for them.

All Inclusive Support

Our All Inclusive Support plan provides the best IT tools on the market coupled with our fast and reliable IT support services. This plan includes everything you get with Unlimited Help Desk as well!

Total Care

Our Total Care plan is truly the same as an in-house IT department without the cost and overhead. This plan has all of the benefits of our All Inclusive Support plan, with the addition of unlimited on-site support during business hours and Emergency Care. Under Emergency Care, there are no costs for a technician coming on-site during any major system failure, no matter the time of day, or the amount of time spent getting your business up and running. This does not cover hardware, software, or 3rd party costs if incurred.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason the work we do is not completed to your satisfaction, we will redo the work at no cost to you. If we still cannot meet your needs, you don’t pay. This applies to services not included in your support plan.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Alaska Computer Support doesn’t charge extra for working when it is best for you. Sometimes it is best to do computer upgrades and projects after-hours. We work when it’s best for your business, without any additional costs for after-hours work.


We know what IT should cost and how long it takes to do the basics. We bill what is right and fair to you. If a repair should have only taken 2 hours and the technician was working for 5 hours, we only bill you for the 2 hours. This varies based on the situation. When in our office, we bill for what we do using the notion of “touch time”. We only bill for the amount of time the technician is actually working on solving your issues. We don’t bill for the time it takes for programs to install or the time spent on waiting on 3rd party software support to respond.

Backup Management & Disaster Recovery Plan

We use the best in backup and recovery software on the market, and we put a human in the middle. We monitor your backups on a daily basis by doing eyes-on reviews of operations to ensure everything is working as planned. We offer off-site data storage, and backup hardware. We have you covered for any failure that might happen. We can bring hardware to you or provide an instant hosted solution that will have you up and online in hours, not days. At no additional charge, we provide temporary hardware that keeps your staff working. This does not include backup of cloud drive solutions that we do not formally support. If your systems go down because of a hardware or software failure, our qualified support staff will be on-site with the required hardware and backup tools to get you up and running within just a few hours. Normally this process is less than 4 hours, start to finish. This is dependent on the total amount of data. The 4 hour estimate is based on a standard server install with less than 200GBs of storage. If your business doesn’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan already in place, Alaska Computer Support can build a plan for you.

Support Exclusions

Hardware & Projects:  The cost of hardware, software, system replacement, and project/integration services are not included in this service offering. As part of our ongoing IT consulting, we will work to ensure that an effective hardware replacement strategy is in place. Project & Integration services refers to labor based tasks that add functionality to the organization. This includes major OS & software upgrades and new hardware acquisition and installation. Other items that are always excluded are support outside business hours, training, end of life products, catastrophic system failure, hardware/software/consumables, project & project planning, Linux, phones, and phone systems unless included in your tier of service.


Pre-existing & legacy operating systems and applications (no longer supported by the software or hardware vendor) fall outside of the scope of this program. Equipment that has been extended beyond its intended lifecycle may cause problems, and as a result, must be replaced in a timely fashion in order to be in compliance with the support plan. All compliance issues will be discussed in advance, and every effort will be made to work within budgetary restrictions. Systems, devices, and applications that are deemed by Alaska Computer Support management to fall into these categories, and are not in compliance may be excluded from the program.  

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