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sat-guaranteedAt Alaska Computer Support, we guarantee AND warranty our work!

We do everything to get the job done correctly. It’s in our best interest to keep your systems running smoothly and to go the extra mile. We believe in long term relationships and doing what’s right. This is why we have created a culture and practices to propagate our beliefs. If for any reason, the work we do is not completed to your satisfaction, we will redo the work at no additional cost to you. If we still cannot meet your needs, you don’t pay.


Cost Saving Strategies

We have created cost saving strategies to help keep IT overhead down. We understand the need to have a solid budget that you can control. Let Alaska Computer Support be your partner that helps not only your daily business operations, but helps keep your profits soaring.

dollar_currency_signFlat-Rate Pricing

We don’t charge extra for working when it is best for you.

Need to replace a server? Downtime can be a large hidden cost. Sometimes it is best to do computer upgrades and projects after-hours. We work when it’s best for your business, without any additional costs for after-hours work.

dollar_currency_signUnlimited Support

Alaska Computer Support offers affordable Support Plans to fit your business’ needs.

All of our support plans (except Subscriptions and Backup Assurance) include unlimited phone & remote support during business hours. You won’t get charged for phone and remote support, no matter how long it takes to fix the issue. We are here to keep your systems running smoothly 24/7/365. Our Total Care plans include on-site support during business hours, so even if we have to repair something at your business, it will be included in your monthly cost.dollar_currency_sign


We know what IT should cost and how long it takes to do the basics. We bill what is right and fair to you. 

Sometimes 3rd party software, hardware, or other IT devices can really go south. When repairs take longer than they should, or if there are issues with 3rd party support, you don’t get billed for the extra hours. In other words, if it should have only taken 2 hours and the technician was working for 5 hours, we only bill you for the 2 hours*. When in our office, we bill for what we do using the notion of “touch time”. We only bill for the amount of time the technician is actually working on solving your issues. If a technician performs a system reload of your computer and it takes four hours, most places would bill the entire four hours. Most system reloads take less than an hour depending on additional software and amount of data. We don’t bill for the time it takes for programs to install or the time spent waiting on 3rd party software support to respond. *depending on complexity of issues dollar_currency_sign save money with AkCS

Powerful IT TOOLS
Powerful IT TOOLS
We have the right tools for the job

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