Off-site Backup Rotation

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We all know backing up your business’ data is important. With our Backup Assurance plan, we monitor your data backup to make sure it is successfully backing up, and we test your backup to verify the restore process is working correctly. 

What more can we do to assure your business’ data is safe? Off-site backup rotations.

With off-site backup rotations, an Alaska Computer Support technician will arrive at your business to switch the physical external hard drive you’re using for the data backup. One external hard drive will stay at your business, to continue backing up your systems. The other external hard drive is securely stored at AkCS.


An external hard drive

What’s the benefit of off-site backup rotations? Having a copy of your data backup securely located at another physical location. In case of natural disaster, fire, or robbery, you will be able to rely on the external hard drive containing your last backup from when the drive was last switched. This can save your business a lot of time, money, and data. 

Off-site backup rotations are optional and aren’t considered a part of a support plan. You can choose to have this switch done weekly, every other week, or monthly.

If the rotation is performed monthly, and something happens 20 days later at your business which renders your equipment useless, you will lose those 20 days of data. We recommend weekly rotation schedules.

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