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Not all business positions mean sitting in an office. Mobile technology is on the rise, and with new technology comes new abilities and benefits. Most commonly, mobile devices are smartphones that are connected to some sort of data network, whether it is 4G or a local Wifi connection. Tablets are on the rise, as well. Some tablets do have the ability to connect to 4G networks.

Having mobility offers quite a few benefits. Here are just a few:

Receive phone calls while not in the office
Waiting on an important phone call, but need to run around town a bit? No problem! Depending on your business’ phone setup, you might have the ability to forward calls to your smartphone automatically. Some business’ phone setups allow for the transfer of calls to outside phone numbers, so if a call comes into the office for you, they can transfer it directly to your smartphone!

Avoid Missing Important Emails
You can set up your work email on your phone! You’ll be able to send and receive emails on the fly. Don’t let important thoughts escape your mind; email them off to a colleague to start collaboration on your next project! 
View/Edit Documents
Businesses are turning to “the cloud” for data storage. If your business has a cloud service, you may be able to access files that are in the cloud on your mobile device. This can sure be handy when trying to make deadlines. It is also useful for quick editing, jotting down new ideas, and proofreading. The uses are pretty much endless. 

Knowledge at your fingertips
With a mobile device in your hands, you have access to all of the knowledge on the Internet. Search for answers to your questions from anywhere. Not only can  you search for knowledge, but you can reach out to others through phone or email to see if they have the answers you are looking for. This is helpful if you’re at a client location and they have a question about services your business provides; if you’re unsure, you can reach out to someone who may.

Lost? No problem!
Travelling for business purposes isn’t new. People frequently find themselves in unfamiliar places. Most mobile devices have a GPS option on it. Install a maps application, and you’ll be able to get back on the right track, and to where you need to be!

Remember, these are just a few benefits of having a mobile device. As technology progresses, more and more abilities will come to light. 

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