IT Budgeting

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bag-147782_960_720Every business goes through a yearly budgeting process. When drawing up your budget, don’t forget to include enough wiggle room for your IT costs.

Your IT budget most likely includes coverage for planned upgrades to current systems, but should also consider the costs of replacing systems in case an unplanned disaster happens. We know disasters are never planned, but they do happen! This should be a part of your Disaster Recovery Plan

Keep in mind that most hardware has an end-of-life point of 5 to 7 years. Make sure to plan upgrades instead of letting hardware die on its own. “Hardware” includes computers, printers, servers, switches, routers, phones, and pretty much any type of IT related hardware. Computers and printers may need hardware replacements throughout each year; internal components can fail and can be replaced without replacing the entire machine.

Support for your IT systems should also be included in your IT budget, whether you outsource your IT work or have a dedicated IT department. You should read 5 Reasons to Outsource IT Support.


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