Disaster Recovery Plan

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DRP Life Cycle

DRP Life Cycle

A Disaster Recovery Plan is the 1,2,3 of what happens after a catastrophic problem. Do you have a data backup or disaster recovery plan? We do!

We manage, monitor, and maintain data for many businesses’ with mission critical IT systems. Our disaster recovery processes and systems save clients not only time, but sleep. We provide peace of mind when it comes to the most critical asset your business owns: your data.

How do we do this?

We use the best in backup and recovery software on the market, and we put a human in the middle. We monitor your backups on a daily basis by doing eyes-on reviews of operations to ensure everything is working as planned. We offer off-site data storage, and backup hardware. We have you covered for any failure that might happen. We can bring hardware to you or provide an instant hosted solution that will have you up and online in hours, not days. At no additional charge, we provide temporary hardware that keeps your staff working, and not wondering. This does not include backup of cloud drive solutions that we do not formally support.


Managing a disaster

If your systems go down because of a hardware or software failure, our qualified support staff will be on-site with the required hardware and backup tools to get you up and running within just a few hours. Normally this process is less than 4 hours, start to finish. But what is better than that? Not going down at all!

Our proactive managed IT services allow us to fix problems before they become one. We provide 24/7 monitoring of all hardware and software systems. Call us today to find out how our managed IT services can keep your systems running at peak performance.

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