AppRiver – O365 and Hosted Exchange

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Once upon a time, this was a world without email. Now, everyone relies on email, especially in the business world. Businesses used to rely on on-premise email servers. This is no longer the case!cloud-computing-1484538_960_720

Alaska Computer Support offers multiple cloud-based plans for Office365 and Hosted Exchange subscriptions through AppRiver. 

 Office 365 provides a cloud-based solution for email and document editing/creation. Your employees will be able to check their email on the go, from multiple devices, whether it is a computer or a smartphone! There’s no need to have the Office desktop applications installed when you can access them right through a web browser. Some of the plans we offer do come with the Office desktop applications, too! See Office 365 for more information.mail-1454731_960_720

Hosted Exchange email accounts are housed on AppRiver servers. This service doesn’t include any office applications, but it does include Outlook. Hosted Exchange email accounts can also be accessed on the web, so you get some nice portability, too! See Hosted Exchange for more information. 

Interested in these services? Contact us today for a quote or to sign up for services! 907-868-7300

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