AkCS Physical Cleanings

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With our All Inclusive Support and Total Care plans, we will perform a physical cleaning on your computers and servers annually, as a part of your support plan!

Some work areas are dustier than others, depending on what industry your business is in. Computers and servers have fans inside of them, which aid in cooling down the hot components. Over time, dust will gather, making it harder for those fans to properly cool the components.

It is important to keep those dust bunnies under control. If those internal components of computers and servers get too hot, it will make the system run slower, and could potentially cause damage to the machines. 

Don’t have an All Inclusive Support or Total Care plan? No problem! We will still perform a physical cleaning of your machines, but you will be billed at an hourly rate. 

Contact us today to set up your physical cleaning! 907-868-7300

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