5 Reasons to Outsource IT Support

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The more computers your business has, the more problems there will be. That is just the nature of the beast. Larger businesses tend to have their own dedicated IT department, which consists of multiple people fixing their variety of IT issues. However, smaller businesses might not be big enough to afford their own dedicated team, or have enough IT problems to need one. 

Why should businesses consider outsourcing their IT support?


Lower Costs

Think about how much a salary would cost for a single technician who can take care of your entire IT department. They would need a vast amount of knowledge in different areas in order to support any issue that arises in your environment. Most of the time, businesses will need a network/systems administrator along with a few technicians. Each have their own specialities and are knowledgeable in different areas. The more people you have in your IT department, the more you will need to pay in wages.

It costs less to pay a managed IT service provider than to pay for a whole IT department. This is due to the fact that most providers charge a flat-rate fee for their services, and maybe an extra hourly charge for services not covered under their contract. You would be paying for a whole team of IT professionals at the fraction of the price. 

More Experience

If you have a dedicated IT department, you will have to rely on their experiences alone while in your exact environment. Managed IT service providers have multiple clients, which means their technicians are experiencing different scenarios in different environments everyday. Over time, this builds up their experience to know multiple systems, softwares, and scenarios.

Why is this experience important? The more issues they see, the more solutions they come to know, and that means your problems get resolved quicker. 

Less Risk

If your business can’t afford a dedicated IT department, you might appoint someone to learn some IT skills so they can help fix issues. While there are plenty of simple issues and fixes, situations can go out of control quickly. If they don’t have the knowledge or experience to fix it, it might cost your business a lot more than just time and money. No matter who you appoint to solve your IT problems, they will need to spend time on keeping up with the IT industry, meaning they might become overwhelmed with multiple jobs to fulfill.

Technology changes so fast. Managed IT service providers provide technicians who are up to date on the latest advances.

Free Internal Resources

Managed IT service providers use their own offices and equipment to provide services to your business. They don’t need a desk, computer, or phone at your office. You will be able to save the space and resources for growing your business.

Focus on Your Business

With your IT support in the hands of a managed IT service provider, you will have less worries regarding IT areas. Your provider will inform you when machines need to be upgraded, or if issues arise. This means you can focus on what matters most – your business. With a managed IT service provider taking care of all of your IT worries, you will have more time for other items that need your attention. You won’t have to be bothered with the day to day activities of the IT world, whereas you might be very involved in your own dedicated IT department. It doesn’t just give you more time to focus on your business, but more time for everything else. 


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